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Thread: Trying to Revive Interactive System Processor

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    Trying to Revive Interactive System Processor

    I am assisting a new client that contacted me when the HW-PM-120 processor for the house he just moved into lost its program and OS during power outage. I suspect the backup battery is dead. I am able to connect to the processor and do things such as set the date. However when I try to reload the OS, it fails about half way through. I notice that right before it fails, the RS-232 light stops blinking, and then another 60 seconds or so later the uploads error pops up. I've tried both 9600 baud and 115,200 baud.The only thing I can think of is, is it possible I need to use an older version of Illumination software to load the OS? There are, IIRC, about 5 versions on the website.Lastly, I assume a hwi-pm-d48-120 will serve just fine as a temporary replacement?Please folks, no lectures about him needing to upgrade :-). I know the situation and have explained it in detail to him. Our goal right now is to see if we can get the system running.Thanks for any help.

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    You have to set DIP switch 1 down when uploading the OS. Depending on how dead the battery is, you may lose the OS when it reboots.

    You can also try the KILLALLRAM command. This will completely wipe the processor of all files.

    The batteries are LI. Apparently it takes a special technique to solder them. Something about heat, exploding, etc. I found a local computer guy that does it for a reasonable price.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    I've also been trying to revive a series 8 Illuminations system and the error light comes on whenever I try to switch out of boot mode. I've tried switching on and off recyling. Once or twice I got a messagesaying that I was in boot mode "by command" not by switch. Are there other commands to try(other than those in the help documentation)? The KILLALLRAM was not mentioned.

    Many thanks

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