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Thread: RGB LED strip acts badly - is it the remote or the controller?

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    Question RGB LED strip acts badly - is it the remote or the controller?

    Hi, all Bought a kit for $10 to see how this stuff works.roll of RGB strip w/ 4 pin connector"controller" dongle w/ 4 pin connector and lead to battery boxbox 4xAA with on/off switch. Output not marked. The functions don't work right; gets stuck, the "colors" don't exist except for RGBW - the tints merely add white to a single R or G or B instead of blending to get orange or purple etc. Also the remote OFF leaves it running in blue at a low lumen level; have to use the switch on the battery box. And it seems to eat the batteries over one evening running a 24" strip. SO is it a crappy remote (I see this 24 key remote a lot in ads) or is it the "controller" dongle?Which should I replace? The controller says RGB, 3x4A, 5-12V, 24 key. So it seems to be keyed to the remote somehow.Can you make a controller "learn" another remote?Or are controller & remotes sold in pairs? but from where? EDIT: the controller has a USB plug to fit the battery box USB port. I'm looking at ad ad showing a a controller with a jack, for input from a 12v wall brick. So connector type seems to be something to understand as well.

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    It's the controller

    Id expect you've got a few issues here. The power issue is because they're battery powered and usually battery powered strip lights are intended to be cut down to size and used for things like skateboard decks, party decor, even costumes - usually things with short periods of being turned on. So that's the battery life issue. I'd expect it's a simple IR connection and any remote from the company would do but clearly these aren't the quality you were hoping for. For a cheap upgrade I'd check out Supernight LED on Amazon. They sell whole kits for dirt cheap but you could also probably find a pack of a controller, remote, and DC power for very low price. Just make sure you get the appropriate one for the strips you already have (RGB/RGBW/RGBWW). I got my first strips from them and treated them like hell through several college apartments. They didn't bite it until 7 years later after being left on for about a year as my under cabinet lights. I could not recommend more highly. 😂 Good Luck!!

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