Hi, all Bought a kit for $10 to see how this stuff works.roll of RGB strip w/ 4 pin connector"controller" dongle w/ 4 pin connector and lead to battery boxbox 4xAA with on/off switch. Output not marked. The functions don't work right; gets stuck, the "colors" don't exist except for RGBW - the tints merely add white to a single R or G or B instead of blending to get orange or purple etc. Also the remote OFF leaves it running in blue at a low lumen level; have to use the switch on the battery box. And it seems to eat the batteries over one evening running a 24" strip. SO is it a crappy remote (I see this 24 key remote a lot in ads) or is it the "controller" dongle?Which should I replace? The controller says RGB, 3x4A, 5-12V, 24 key. So it seems to be keyed to the remote somehow.Can you make a controller "learn" another remote?Or are controller & remotes sold in pairs? but from where? EDIT: the controller has a USB plug to fit the battery box USB port. I'm looking at ad ad showing a a controller with a jack, for input from a 12v wall brick. So connector type seems to be something to understand as well.