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Thread: Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server(s)?

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    Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server(s)?

    Hi All,I've a Lutron Casèta Smart Bridge arriving within the next couple days. Plan to use it in conjunction with Apple HomeKit. I'll be replacing sixteen X-10 devices with Casèta wall dimmers and lamp modules.

    My question concerns the outgoing ports noted in Caseta Networking FAQ. Among them is port 123, UDP, which is the NTP (Network Time Protocol) port.

    I run my own NTP server, synced to five (5) stratum 2 time servers on the Internet. Is it possible to persuade the Smart Bridge to use the NTP server of my choice?

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    There is not a way to set the NTP server that the Caseta bridge connects to. It will attempt to connect to a random NTP server with each power cycle.

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    Thanks for the follow-up. I had assumed that would be the case and had already re-configured my router to allow the NTP protocol through.

    I wish, on the app's Time and Location screen it would actually show you the Smart Bridge's idea of what was the current time. As it is: The only way I know NTP is getting through my router is by doing a traffic trace on that port on my router.

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