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Thread: TouchPRO Wireless Thermostat

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    TouchPRO Wireless Thermostat

    Is the TouchPRO thermostat being discontinued? I tried placing an order and my supplier told me that it is being discontinued.

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    I don't remember seeing it in the discontinuation notices. However, I don't see it in the current price list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by randyc View Post
    I don't remember seeing it in the discontinuation notices. However, I don't see it in the current price list.
    My suppliers told me that it WAS discontinued. Lutron suggest to use the WIFI stats. However, I have a problem because I do Integration and there is no Protocol available since I need an ID to integrate.

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    Thank you for your post Imshea.

    You are correct the TouchPro (LR-HWLV-HVAC) is obsolete. With that in mind, if we need to do some integration we would suggest using the HVAC controller (LR-HVAC-1-WH) as that will get an ID for integration purposes. Hope this helps!

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    That is not practical for a retrofit. 1 - We will have an existing hole in the wall from the old thermostat. 2 - What do we do for local control? We will need to run new electric and cut holes in order to install seeTemp Keypads.

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    Seetemp keypads can run on 24V. Install the HVAC controller at the air handler, use existing thermostat wiring/location for see temp. You would just have to cut in a low volt ring and touch up. Pretty easy.
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    List price of a TouchPro is 450. List price of a HVAC Controller with seeTemp and sensor is 599. I quoted a job of 7 units. Major cost difference. This is a residence with custom paints. Touchups are not so simple. It would have been helpful if Lutron would have made prior announcements that they plan to discontinue the Touchpro.

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    Does Lutron have a real solution to replace the Touchpro? To use the HVAC controller instead is still not the same as there is a limit off 10 wireless sensors per system and each zone will now use 3 addresses instead if 1 per zone. It seems Lutron keeps on improving the Caseta/Ra2 Select and QS systems but fading out the Radio Ra2 system.
    This is creating a real issue when quoting projects that are too big for Ra2 select and does not need QS as now a big component -HVAC control- from is not available.

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