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Thread: How to group my switches in RadioRA2 software?

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    How to group my switches in RadioRA2 software?

    Hi all,I had my electrical put most of the main floor switches in the entryway closet to allow me to avoid large gangs of switches all over the place. I took the Level 1 online course and will be programming my switches next week. Most of the switches in the closet are in gangs of 3. What's the recommended layout for programming them given they are not actually in the rooms they control? If I put group them in the respective rooms they control, the software won't be able to calculate the derating for the switches in a single gang.Thanks!

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    Start the Design in the "same" room and make your calculations. You can then place them in the respective rooms. Alternatively, you can assign each switch to the individual room(s) even in the same gang.

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    Turns out I was wrong and the electrician only double ganged my switches. I was able to use RRD-6ND's to dim all the lights for this area without any flickering. I am using the following:- Lithonia WF4 30k40k50k Kuzco FM10605 I didn't cheap out and go with z-wave switches, both z-wave brands I considered don't work with the Lithonia wafers.

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