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Thread: Replace switch without changing all programming?

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    Replace switch without changing all programming?

    Is there a way I can replace an old Ra2 switch with a new one (RRD-Pro) and keep all the programming, settings, etc.? Or do i need to remove the old one, add the new one, and then re-do any scenes or events that included the old switch?

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    I have been able to change the device type within the Design function without changing its programming. Just Activate and you'll be all set. Someone else please correct me if there are specific circumstances that allow this and any pitfalls you may encounter.

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    huh. i couldn't get that to work. frustrating - there should be an easy way to replace a device but keep it in all its scenes, occupancy settings, keypad controls, and timeclock events.

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    Thank you for your inquiry. You should be able to Deactivate the device > Change the model number in the Design Tab > Reactivate the device. This will replace it with the new model without losing any existing programming. You do need 12.2 at least for the RRD-PRO.

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    Just change the model number in the "design" programming and then activate the new dimmer and all programming and timeclock functions will work.

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