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Thread: Caseta Pico Remotes and Smart Bridge Pro

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    Post Caseta Pico Remotes and Smart Bridge Pro

    Hi all,I recently had some lights installed in my house. In order to avoid cutting too many holes in the walls (we had some painting being done and didn't want to disturb the walls too much), the electrician went with a PowPak (or something similar) in the ceiling and put Pico remote controls on the walls as light switches. I fear it isn't possible after doing a bunch of research, but is there anyway to pair the Pico remote with the Smart Bridge Pro so it controls the receiver in the ceiling? Or, am I out of luck until I can get a hard wired dimmer switch installed in the wall? Thanks!

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    You will need to have a more advanced system like RadioRA2 to do that. If there is an attic above the ceiling you can run a dimmer in the attic.
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