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Thread: Cycle Dimming and Fan Speed Control vis Keypads

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    Question Cycle Dimming and Fan Speed Control vis Keypads

    Hello, does the RA 2 seetouch keypads support "Cycle Dimming" (press & hold a button to raise or lower), and if so under which setting type?Also i need to control the speed of a fan from a Keypad button (ex High, Medium, Low, Off), is this possible?

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    Not without a third party system. You would have to use the raise/lower buttons. There is an option for the raise/lower to adjust the last button pressed. Cycle dim is only for HomeWorks.

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    You can use a third-party controller like HomeSeer to cycle speeds of a fan or brightness levels with one button. You could set it up with a counter and different scenes activated with each increment. But, in my experience, there’s no way to have a third-party system respond to push and hold because the Ra2 system doesn’t report the hold or the push and release separately. It feels like they intentionally disable this to make it lamer than HomeWorks, but I can’t prove this.

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