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Thread: no lights with macl-153m

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    no lights with macl-153m

    had a bulb in my ceiling fan light kit short out. Now none of the 5 bulbs light up. The macl and the two other remotes don't work, the fan on the unit works so there is power to it. I checked the macl-153m and it has power to it. Don't know if the switch is bad or the light kit is bad. How can I check it out. Can I jump the switch from one of the power posts to the blue wire to see if the lightsgo on. When you press the side bar or the up switch there are no green lights on the switch.

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    We are sorry that your MACL-153M that is controlling the light portion of your ceiling fan is not working properly. We would recommend to install a mechanical switch in the dimmer's place to see if the lights come on without the dimmer in play. You could also bypass the dimmer by taking the wires that were connected to the dimmer's black and brass terminal screw and touch them together, which would take power directly up to the lights.We would also suggest to move the MACL-153M to another working circuit to see if the issue follows the dimmer or not.If you have any other questions our tech support team can be reached at (1-888-588-7661) as well as by email at

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