Hello there, Check out this Thread on this forum. It also discuses the Pico Remotes.


Here's a listing of Picos that work with Caséta :

Caséta Pico Remotes *** = Color
No Model No Description Notes
1 PJ2-4B-***-P01 4 Button Pico Remote Family
2 PJ2-4B-***-P02 4 Button Pico Remote Kitchen
3 PJ2-4B-***-P03 4 Button Pico Remote Any Room
4 PJ2-4B-***-L31 4 Button Pico Remote 4 Scene Limited programming
5 PJ2-4B-***-EL2 4 Scene Pico Remote CUSTOM Custom Engraved
6 PJ2-3BRL-***-L01 3 Button with Raise Lower
7 PJ2-3B-***-L01 3 Button with Preset Button
8 PJ2-2B-***-P01 2 Button Pico Remote Entry
9 PJ2-2B-***-P02 2 Button Pico Remote Bedside
10 PJ2-2B-***-L01 2 Button Pico Remote On / Off
11 PJN-2B-***-L01 2 Button Pico Remote w/nightlight
12 PJN-3BRL-***-L01 3 Button with Raise Lower w/nightlight
13 PJ2-3BRL-***-F01 3 Button Fan Control
14 PJ2-4B-***-L01P 4 Button Pico Scene Keypad - On/Off with Raise/Lower
15 PJ2-4B-***-L21P 4 Button Pico Scene Keypad - Two Group Control - On/Off
16 PJ2-3BRL-***-A02 3 Button Pico Wireless Control with Raise/Lower - Audio

The main difference of programability between Picos, lies between the P** / EL2 and the L** series Picos.

All P01, P02, P03 and the Custom EL2 are Completely / Fully Programable. Any / Every button can control Any Group of dimmers / switches, at any levels, within the Caséta System. Any Button can control any Device and turn it On, Dim it, or turn it Off, in any combination. These Picos provide the Ultimate Programing Flexibility within any Caséta System.

The L01, F01, L31, L01P, L21P Pico Remotes, once assigned to a dimmer/s / switch/es, the entire Pico will only Control those Devices. Usually the Bottom Button is designated as a Mandatory OFF, and not changeable.

The A02 Pico is for controlling Audio. I have not had the opportunity to use this particular Pico in my system yet. From my understanding it mostly links into the Sonos Sound System world.

I hope this helps.

My Caséta System

1 - Casetá Hub
19 - Dimmers (mix of PD-6WCL-GWH and PD-5NE-BL)
5- Lamp Modules
1 - Switch
26 Devices Total

5 - Regular Picos
1 - 2 Button Pico
1 - 4 Button Kitchen Pico
3 - 4 Button Relax Picos
2 - 4 Button Movie Picos
4 - 4 Button Custom Engraved Pico
16 Picos Total

42 Total Devices

1 - Single Pedestal
3 - Double Pedestal
1 - Triple Pedestal
Wall Mounted Plates