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Thread: Caseta Wireless FAQ

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    Caseta Wireless FAQ

    Below are some frequently asked questions we receive about Caseta Wireless. This thread will be updated periodically with new information.

    Q: On the Time & Location screen, the app says New York but I don’t live there! Will my schedules work?

    A: Yes. The Smart Bridge needs 2 pieces of information for scheduled scenes to work:
    1. Time zone
    The Smart Bridge needs to know what time zone you are in so that if you make an event for 5 PM, it knows which 5 PM!
    The time zone that will be set is displayed on the Time & Location screen. (Note that it may not necessarily show the correct city you are in; just the time zone.)
    2. Location
    The Smart Bridge needs to know your latitude/longitude to set sunrise and sunset events.
    The Lutron app for Caseta Wireless will send your phone’s location during setup. Make sure you have allowed location services and they are enabled when setting this on the Time & Location screen.

    Q: The light on my Smart Bridge is flashing. What does that mean?

    A: The light indicates the status of the Smart Bridge.
    After powering on, the light will normally stay at a low even level. Here are some other statuses:

    • Rotating light – this means that the Smart Bridge is automatically downloading/installing a firmware update
    • Blink every 5 seconds – this means that the Smart Bridge is not connected to a network

    Q: Geofencing is not working well. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

    A: Yes. Location services on both iOS and Android rely on the following technologies for geofencing:

    • Cell towers – gives approximate location, low battery usage
    • GPS – gives accurate location when available, high battery usage
    • Wi-Fi – gives accurate location, low battery usage
    • Bluetooth – helps gives accurate location, low battery usage

    Lutron strongly recommends you leave Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled for the best geofencing results.
    To learn more:

    You can also adjust the radius of your geofence in the Lutron app on the map view.

    Q: I setup my Smart Bridge and want to change my email or password. Where can I do that?

    A: Go to and sign in to your account. Then you will be able to change your account info.

    Is there any information on how much internet bandwidth the smart bridge pro will use in a month?

    A: The estimated internet bandwidth usage per month for the Smart Bridge Pro is between 20-100MBs. This will all depend on how often the Lutron App is used and if any firmware updates are released. The Smart Bridge will check for a firmware update every night randomly between 2-3AM. If an update is available the Smart Bridge Pro will automatically update.
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