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Thread: DIN Panels with beakers or without.

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    DIN Panels with beakers or without.

    For new construction; DIN Power Panels with breakers or without? Pros and Cons?

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    Things will look neater and the troubleshooting would be easier in the future because you don't have to go hunt down the breaker if you want to replace a module or are replacing fixtures and want to make sure there is no power, etc.

    Even though it's a Square D breaker which is very well known, there might come a time that you have to replace the bus which on a regular panel is not that big of a deal for an electrician but in this case, you would likely have to replace the entire panel or perhaps just buy a whole panel and take out the bus. Also, your electrician has to be on board and it might be easier for them to have one big panel and run homeruns to each panel vs. having SE cable coming to each separate panel. Personally, I'd keep the two things separate because you never know what the future might hold and maybe in 20 years you'd have to get a whole new system and this might make things harder.

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