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Thread: Plates to store remotes on the wall?

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    Plates to store remotes on the wall?

    I have seen in some threads that people are recommending for a three way switch, to replace one switch with a smart switch and then replace the other two with remotes. If you’re replacing the other two with remotes, is there a plate that stores the remote on the wall?

    My challenge is I have a switch upstairs that I would really like to be downstairs. So I like the idea of replacing the upstairs switch with a smart switch and having the remote downstairs except I want the remote to be on the wall with the other switches.

    Ideally I would have another switch downstairs that connects to the smart switch upstairs. Then I could use the remote for to control both. Does that exist where two switches talk to each other?

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    This can be attached to an existing electrical box or directly on the wall where there is no electrical box. Pages 10 and 11.

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