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Thread: Assistance selecting correct RA2 dimmer for a QZ Dimmable Driver

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    Assistance selecting correct RA2 dimmer for a QZ Dimmable Driver

    Hello,Can anyone please let me know the ideal dimmer to control these drivers? There are five of them that are in a project. The model number is QZ-192-UNV/24+PH/010-WH Dimmable LED Driver (5 in 1 Dimming.) you, greatly appreciate the help.

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    Link Provided

    Sorry, the link was incorrect in the original post. Here is the link:

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    Our apologies but the above link does not work. We would advise checking with the lighting manufacturer for compatibility recommendations and to ensure the dimmers match the phase / dimming style of the driver.

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    It looks like your driver works with forward or reverse phase and 0-10v so an RRD-PRO, RRD-10ND, or an LMJ-5T-DV-B would most likely be good, I didn’t see any compatible dimmer list on their website so try to contact Q-Tran first, otherwise I would lean towards the PRO or LMJ-5T

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