Hi,I am wiring up a new shop building and am trying to be able to dim 6 210w LED fixtures, they have 0-10v dimming, and also use a Lutron LOS motion sensor. I found several diagrams that it looks like I can combine a PP-DV power pack, a DVTV switch, and a LOS motion sensor. Looking at these documents, https://www.lutron.com/TechnicalDocu...369544_ENG.pdf and https://www.lutron.com/TechnicalDocu...ary/369147.pdf I come up with something like this. hmm, not sure how to attach a file....So from document 369544 It looks like I just need to insert the occupancy sensor in-between the DVTV switch and the PP-DV. the motion sensor red connects to the PP-DV red, the MS blue connects to the DVTV red, the MS black connects to the PP-DV black. Hopefully that makes sense, I'll keep trying to attach a picture. Thanks,Jason