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Thread: Caseta PD-5WS-DV Light Switch HOT to touch dilemma

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    Caseta PD-5WS-DV Light Switch HOT to touch dilemma

    I recently installed my new Caseta PD-5WS-DV light switch and Smart Bridge in my man cave where I have six large fluorescent fixtures each containing 6 32 watt fluorescent bulbs. The Caseta light switch is indeed affectively turning on and off the fluorescent bulbs, and I am able to control it from my iPhone. But the switch is incredibly hot to the touch. Clearly this is because I’m driving too much power through the light switch. What are my options here? Is there a different Caseta light switch that will accommodate this amount of power? While it is working, I assume the components well fail quickly with the amount of heat it is producing. Thank you

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    It appears you are almost doubling the max of what the switch is rated for at 5 Amps. If you wanted to stay with the Caseta line of products you would need to use a Caseta switch with a neutral (if you have a neutral connection available at the wallbox) such as the PD-6ANS in conjunction with the PHPM-SW-DV-WH switching power module. Or consider moving to LED lights.

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