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Thread: Lite Touch To QSX Keypad wiring

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    Lite Touch To QSX Keypad wiring

    Hello EveryoneI have been reading this forums for years. And I love the insight!! I have a Lite Touch system that will we will be converting to QSX. I have search thought this forum and looked though the Lite Touch posts. However I don't see anyone covering what they are doing for Keypad Communication. My system has 4-16AWG Lite Touch wire Unshielded. Lutron Engineering is directing me towards Wireless. However I'm just trying do the research and decide for myself if wireless is the best way. So that being said, has any done wired Lutron HW using Lite Control wire? What were the results? Is it reliable?

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    Thank you for your post Avslave.

    We do not recommend using the wires for wired communication. This is because the communication wires for the QS link need to be twisted and shielded. With the Litetouch wire not meeting that spec we would not recommend using wired communication. Hope this helps!

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    Who Is WE? I had no Less the 5 Conversations with Lutron Engineering and 'm in fully understanding about the Spec and what they want!!! My post wasn't Asking What Lutron recommended it was ask fellow Installers what there experience was with Using the wire.

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    Come on, this is silly. Why would you take the word of a "fellow installer" over all the engineers who actually designed and made the product? It sounds like you have made up your mind that you want to do this and have been told no, so you want to get someone, anybody else to agree with you when there is a sea of experts who disagree with you. It's the internet at its best!

    It makes little sense for any installer to go against what the manufacturer recommends when you're dealing with a product that costs 10's of thousands of dollars because. What's going to happen when the system doesn't work or has intermittent issues? The homeowner is going to come after you. Then if you can't fix the issue, they'll go after you or call another installer who will take one look at say "There is your problem: Lutron doesn't recommend using LiteTouch wiring for communications and the last guy went against specs and did it anyway". In my experience, as a "fellow installer", I can tell you that people who live in multi-million dollar houses and can afford these systems tend to have VERY good attorneys or happen to be one.

    Also would point you out to this bit in the NEC code:
    NEC 110.3(B) Installation and Use. Listed or labeled equipment shall be installed and used in accordance with any instructions included in the listing or labeling.

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