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Thread: Switch florescent loads on/off (no dim)

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    Switch florescent loads on/off (no dim)

    Hi Guys

    remodeling a house, but want to get Lutron stuff installed on all lights (currently it's just on new circuits with LED bulbs and will be close to a year before remodel is complete). In the interim, client wants to be able to switch on and off (no dimming, no ramp) existing, regular florescent lights (no dimming, no ramp, simple on or off)

    A fellow integrator suggested this:

    Quote Quote
    If you're planning on dimming the lights in the future (once you remodel) you could always use a Lutron 1000w dimmer 10ND or a CL or a 6NA and simply program it to turn on/off with no fade then it will act as a switch and can be used in the future for dimming....
    Will this work? Again, the only purpose is to be able to turn on and off from the home automation system or Lutron App. Once new lights are installed, it will become (or will be changed to) a regular dimmer.



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    I would not do that. It has been tried, numerous times with 0 second fade rates hidden from integration. It will result in blown ballasts or dimmers. Use the RRD-8ANS-xx or the RRD-8S-DV-xx. Stinks since the homeowner would essentially buy the control twice. If you try the dimmer, you'll get trouble calls fairly soon from the homeowner. Not worth the hassle.
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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