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Thread: CCO Pulsed Loads not showing in Connect App

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    CCO Pulsed Loads not showing in Connect App

    I've recently completed a HWQS project where we're using a number of Pulsed contact closure loads to perform basic functions, i.e open, close, stop commands on Velux windows, Velux Blinds, Garage doors etc. These are mainly programmed onto button presses. I've used maintained outputs quite frequently on other projects and these show up in connect. However, I've noticed that the Connect App doesn't show Pulsed contacts which is a bit gutting. Can anyone fathom why the maintained cco's are exposed to the app, but the pulsed aren't?? Is there a clever workaround (or better, a simple workaround) that I'm unware of? Thanks

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    Thank you for your post anthonini.

    We do apologize for the pulsed outputs not showing up in the app. We have forward this request over to our team for future considerations. In the mean time, the simplest workaround would be to add a homeowner keypad to the database and to have the outputs on different buttons on the homeowner keypad. Have the buttons be programmed as single action and have them trigger the pulsed outputs. Hope this helps!

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