Couldn't find the documentation online...TS helped, thought you'd like this a little easier to find. From Lutron TS:OverviewThe HomeWorks QSX and Athena processors (HQP7-2, HQP7-RF, Athena Edge QP5/QP5, Q-RF) ?can now be Out-of-Boxed (OOB) if required using buttons on the processors. Doing this will remove all of the programming on the processor and reset it to factory defaults. It's IP will be reset to DHCP.Important: Processor must be power cycled within 30 minutes of attempting to do the OOB procedure. Once it is powered for more than 30 minutes this button will not do a OOB.The procedure to OOB is the same as other Lutron devices. Triple-tap, hold until LED blinks quickly, Triple-tap againLED feedback should be blue, magenta?, blue. ?Second triple tap should just get blue blinks. When powering up the processors, it may take up to 1 minute before you can do this triple tap method. After the OOB, the processor can take up to 2 minutes to reset and become discoverable again in the GUI.