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Thread: Wireless Dimmer Ghosting solution?

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    Wireless Dimmer Ghosting solution?

    I'm somewhat looking for confirmation of a simple solution that worked for me for my ghosting issue.I experienced LED ghosting using both the PD-5WCL and PD-6NE in conjunction with an LED rope (see My understanding of the causes of ghosting is that the dimmers leak current in their "off"state. Most LED lights ignore this low current, but some don't which causes ghosting.I tried using a LUT-MLC which somewhat worked but caused some buzzing when the light was on at 100% (which worried me) and I found a thread warning against using an MLC with the Caseta dimmers (could diminish their life expectancies).What ended up working is messing with the dimmer's Low-End trim setting. Using the PD-6NE, I lowered the Low-End trim (see page 70 of and the light completely turned off. I have not tested this with the PD-5WCL yet so I can't confirm it works for that one.This seems to be a rather simple solution using a setting that seems to be built for it (which makes it the "right" solution in my mind) so I'm not sure why it isn't advertised more. Can somebody confirm this and also try it with the other dimmers?

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    Yes. Adjusting the Low End Trim on the dimmers is suggested to try first. This can be seen starting on page 66 of the following link. All Lutron dimmers that are rated for LED's have this type of adjustment option on them.

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