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Thread: Flashing Lights on Dimmer Switch

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    Flashing Lights on Dimmer Switch

    I recently moved into a new construction home that has Lutron Caseta switches throughout. The LED bulbs that were hooked up to the dimmer switches had a loud buzzing noise so I bought some dimmable LED bulbs and started replacing them. This solved my humming issue until I got to the bedroom fixture. I switched the bulbs out in the fixture and the dimmable LED lights instantly turned on even though the switch was off. I looked at the switch and it is flashing a green light at the top and middle. I looked online and it says there could be a wiring issue. But that shouldn't be an issue since the switch was functioning just fine before I put the new bulbs in. And I tried doing a factory reset but it wouldn't work. So I figure I'd just put the old bulbs back in and call it good. Well, old bulbs also instantly turned on, no longer hum, and switch is still flashing.Anyone have any thoughts on how I can get this thing working again?

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    Try pulling the air-gap switch at the bottom. Leave it out/off for about 1 minute.
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