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Thread: 2 sections Basement wafer lights---dimmers and pico remote help

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    2 sections Basement wafer lights---dimmers and pico remote help

    Hello....recently bought the dimmers and the pico remotes for my basement. Question is....can 2 pico remotes control the same group of lights? In my basement I have 6 ceiling wafers (all on same circuit) in the family room area and 6 in the kitchen area. I already have a typical, plain (2) 3 way switches set up so a person can turn the 2 different groups on and off from either end of the finished basement. I'm replacing the 2 switches at the family room end and the 2 at the kitchen end with Caseta dimmers and I'm going to have to put the respective picos with them. 2 dimmers at the family room end controlling the 2 different light groups and then the 2 picos to complete the 3 way set up at the kitchen end. So my lazy butt won't have to get up off the couch, do I need to buy 1 or 2 more extra pico remotes to be able to control the 2 groups of lights without having to use a phone app? As I understand it....2 pico remotes can control 1 dimmer switch, correct? I didn't know if a certain pico remote can control 2 different dimmer switches (like in my set up) and still have the ability to dim from the remote like I'm hoping or if I needed to buy 2 and have the one on the wall and the one by the couch connected (times 2). in other words...2 pico remotes for the family room lights and 2 pico remotes for the kitchen area lights...with the ability to dim from the picos that aren't mounted to the wall. Hope I'm confusing anyone. Hoping I can just buy 2 dimmers that attach to the wall in the family room and mount the respective pico remotes on the kitchen area wall and only buy 1 remote to control AND dim both light groups separately from the couch, without having to turn both groups all on or all off.

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    Yes to all of that. You can have 2 Pico's on the wall that control zones A and B individually. You can have a 3rd Pico on the couch that controls A & B together. There is also a 3-scene/off Pico which I believe will work with Caseta.
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