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Thread: BR30 but under 650 lumens?

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    BR30 but under 650 lumens?

    I've used a bunch of 7.2 watt Philips 457044 BR30 bulbs with various Ra2 dimmers. They work well enough but they seem to put out more light than the previous 65w incandescents. They're listed as 650 lumens.

    I ran into a similar difficulty finding 20w equivalent MR16 GU5.3 base bulbs for a range hood over a cooktop (but this wasn't a Ra2 control situation). Everyone makes plenty of bulbs that are as bright as a face of the sun, but trying to find more subtle lighting elements is more tedious than you might expect.

    And for those thinking "why not just change the dimming levels"? Having to ferret out all the places a dim value was spec'd for the on a percentage is more tedious than you might think. Scenes, pico, keypads, occupancy...

    This, of course, tripped up on the issues with multicast and repeater transfers. Leading to repeaters getting locked up due to multicast shenanigans. So a "simple thing" like changing bulbs... wasn't. If you're not sure about the underlying network fabric and you're going to update the repeaters, be sure the PC you're using to transfer the programming is on the same network switch as the repeater(s).

    Anyone have lesser wattage/lumen output BR30 LEDs they've used with Ra2 dimmers? I can live with being stuck with higher output, but figure it's worth asking if anyone else has found lights that might work.

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    You could try setting a high-end trim on the dimmer in question. That would make 100% to the dimmer less than 100% in real life, making it much easier than reprogramming the levels in Picos etc. I agree that too bright is an issue with LEDs, and I haven’t found a universal solution either, except a high end trim.
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