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Thread: Can I control Ceiling Fan/Light with Lutron Pico Remote(s) ?

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    Can I control Ceiling Fan/Light with Lutron Pico Remote(s) ?

    I've been working on replacing a lot of switches in our older home with Lutron switches. We have a couple rooms with ceiling fans where the switch sends power to the ceiling fan & light fixture, but they are individually controlled by pull switches. Does Lutron offer a device that can be installed in the fan to control the fan & light from a Pico Remote? Or are there third party devices that could be controlled by the Pico?

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    There used to be a device that offered a canopy model in it however that was made obsolete. Currently all fan and light combos require separate wiring for each the fan and light. The Caseta Fan control PD-FSQN could be controlled by a fan Pico however this device still requires a neutral connection and separate wiring on the wallbox. At the moment there does not seem to be a solution involving the wiring scheme you have and a Pico remote.

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