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Thread: Lutron apps can’t find my HW QS device?

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    Lutron apps can’t find my HW QS device?

    Hi all,Just bought a home which has Lutron lights and a HW QS (model HQP6-2) device. Unfortunately I don’t have any documentation nor an existing support contract. I’ve tried to connect to HW via Lutron Connect and the general Lutron iOS apps. Neither can detect the device, even when I feed it the IP address.When I access the HW IP I get a very basic login screen which I’ve successfully cleared by using “lutron” as default log/password. But the web console only gives me access to various network stats and some XML schema I do t understand.Any tips? I’m really stuck here :-0Thank yourobimart

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    The connect app does not connect directly the the processor. You would need to have a connect bridge also installed. There used to be and app (I believe it was called Lutron Home +) that worked directly with just the processor, but that is no longer supported. Here is a link to the specification for the bridge:

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