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Thread: Expanding Legacy RA system

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    Expanding Legacy RA system

    Have an existing Radio RA system in my home that is maxed out (maximum zones/switches). Am planning an addition to my home that will likely need another 7-10 zones. Assuming I can get more switches on ebay, can I just switch my time clock/chronos (RA-SBT-CHR) into bridge mode to gain an additional 32 zone controls or do I need to add an additional Chronos in bridge mode to pick-up the additional 32? What do I lose if I switch my existing Chronos into bridge mode?

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    Contact you local sales rep to see if they are still doing the RA2 upgrade program. They would offer a not insignificant discount for a Ra2 upgrade if you returned the old stuff. I would say trying to get a new bridged system working could very easily become a mess as it was difficult when it was new, and now you have to deal with decades old equipment in unknown condition. Then you would get a much faster and more modern system.
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    I just bought a house with a legacy RadioRA system and I have been expanding it via Ebay purchases. I love the system and have several extra of the basic repeaters; if you can find a solution using one of those; happy to send you one for free. I was able to pick up a Chronos on Ebay for less than $100 if you have to go that route. If you don't have the Chronos manual, it's here:

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