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Thread: Help with retrofitting a dimmer switch

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    Cool Help with retrofitting a dimmer switch

    Hi there. We have a Lutron Dimmer, and I don't know what model it is. The dimmer slide has the slide knob and a button on the dimmer slide knob to turn the lights on and off.It is almond color, and we have replaced the wall plate with a white one. My problem is that I would like to replace the switch, but cannot find the appropriate slide knob in white, since it has the on/off button on the slide knob itself. Additionally, the wall plate in question is a thicker, wooden one, which does not allow proper installation of the switch so that even the old, almond colored one can be used to press in to turn the lights on or off. Any help would be appreciated, as we would prefer not to replace the wall plate and/or the slider unit.Thanks in advance.**Edit** I have pictures available, but am unable to upload, as no control appears to do so, even though my account has permission to do so. Any help with that would also be appreciated.
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    A lot of stuff doesn't work on the site, including attachments.

    What you are describing sounds like a Glyder. I don't believe Lutron makes them any more but they may have some buttons. You would need to contact customer service to find out.

    Something has to give. You either need a thinner plate or a different dimmer so you can actually turn the load off.
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    Hello! At least by your desciptor this sounds like potentially a Glyder dimmer. We would recommend to email into with this request and provide the photos that you mentioned you have available so we can work with you. There is a possibility that we may have knob replacements and once you email in your request we will be able to continue to assist you. Thank you.

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