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Thread: Lights lost power while on schedule

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    Lights lost power while on schedule

    Electrician Professionally installed soffit lights (14 a few weeks ago) with Lutron bridge, switch, remote, and ap.

    Tonight the lights turned off while on a sunset-sunrise schedule after being on for a few hours.

    Looks like the bridge has a white light at the bottom, the wall switch does not have power (no green lights), the remote lights up but does not turn on lights, the ap works but the lights are unresponsive.

    All breakers are on. No other changes or issues found.

    Case: 01363875

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    If the LEDs on the device are not on there are a couple of causes:

    The device has no power (you checked)

    The device can't see the load, i.e. is miswired. You said it worked once so this doesn't seem likely.Are the lights controlled from other locations? If so, the other locations will need companion dimmers/switches.

    Insufficient load. It seems unlikely that all of the lights died at once.

    If your device has a neutral connection you must use it. Lutron says there "may be" applications where you don't need the neutral. In reality, those instances are rarer than an honest politician.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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