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Thread: Siri commands work for me but not for my wife

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    Siri commands work for me but not for my wife

    Hi everyone. I can use Siri to control my lights, but my wife can’t. We’re both in the same “Home” within the “Home” app on our iOS devices. She has the exact same rooms and lights that I do, and we both can control them using the app. But if she speaks a Siri command, Siri tells her that she can’t find any devices by that name. The identical spoken commands work just fine for me. I tried removing her from the home, then adding her back to the home, but that didn’t work. Can anyone help?

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    Hello. In HomeKit app you may need to invite your wife if HomeKit was setup on your phone. This way she will then gain access to the HomeKit devices. You can get to this option by tapping on the HomeKit icon in the top left of HomeKit screen, then Select Home Settings, then Invite People.

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    Solved it

    It turns out that on my wife’s iOS devices, she had two homes. I’m not sure how that happened. It’s possible it was some sort of flaw in the initial set up. As soon as I deleted the unwanted home everything worked perfectly.

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