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Thread: Sivoia QS Triathlon getting noisier

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    Sivoia QS Triathlon getting noisier

    One of a set of three shades has become noticeably noisy over the past year. Normally the shades are very quiet, but one motor has gotten increasingly noisy; it's the normal motor noise, not any weird clicking or unexpected noise, just louder than it should be. Anything I should check from a maintenance standpoint?

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    Check to see if the shade is telescoping. If the house settles the shade will be come un-level and start rolling up to one side.

    I'd also check inside the shade. Sometimes the stickers come loose and rub against the shade.

    I've also seen the antenna rub against the shade. You will have to take the shade down to see it. You can use some double sided tape or hot glue to hold it up.
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    Good idea, but nothing is rubbing or telescoping. The noise is pretty clearly coming from the motor.

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    Could you please send a video of the noise to ? Also, could you include readable pictures of the labels in the headrail/battery compartment of the shade?

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