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Thread: Motion Sensor Switch Strobing

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    Question Motion Sensor Switch Strobing

    I just installed a MS-OPS2 switch for my garage. It has 4 LED lights controlled by one switch. Each light is 80 Watts.The switch detects motion, and tries to turn on the lights. But they turn on for half-a-second and then turn off. Is this a bad switch or is there something that I need to do? Please advise. Thanks.

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    We would recommend to pinpoint the issue to switch out if possible one of the 4 LED(s) with a incandescent/halogen and see if with a non-smart light load in the mix if this will assist with the issue. If you are still having the same issue of the sensor picking up heat movement, turning the lights on for a half-second and then the lights turn off, we would suggest to check you ground at the wallbox location with a voltage meter, as symptoms like this can also occur if the ground throughout the house/site is not fully secure.If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our tech support team via email at as well as by phone at (1-888-588-7661). Thank you.

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