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Thread: GRX-TVI run by RRD-6NA set to ELV/MLV/INC limit issues

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    GRX-TVI run by RRD-6NA set to ELV/MLV/INC limit issues

    My customer has some strange sconce lights by WAC WS-59623-AL light fixture that says it can be run via ELV or 0-10v. We tried to intially run with ELV and it wouldn't dim properly. So we ended up going fishing and installing the GRX-TVI 0-10V interface. FIxture claims it will dim 100-5%.Here is my issue, I have tired lots of things to get this series of 4 vanity lights to work to my clients satisfaction and so far it has been unsucesful. Currently Have low limit cranked to max 45% which has stopped the low end flickering but when the light switch gets manually set to 100% the light starts to flicker. Is there a way to set this top end to a lower MAX setting using the RA2 essential software. MR client uses the keypads and remotes and apps and fancy stuff 99.98% of the time, but MRS client hates technology and wants to walk in and hit the buttons all willie nilly all the time. Any Ideas

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    Thank you for your post PaulHagen.

    Using the 6NA is not a problem, but we would recommend making sure the load is set to forward phase for the dimmer. This can impact how the GRX-TVI works with the dimmer. At the same time 0-10v is a standard and is not widely tested. As long as it is 0-10v it should work with the Lutron Controls. Hope this helps!

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