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Thread: When I use the word "lights" with Alexa it doesn't work as expected

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    When I use the word "lights" with Alexa it doesn't work as expected

    Hi everyone. I've just finally set up my first room using Lutron smart lighting. Everything is working really well so far. There's one thing about the Alexa integration that's bothering me though. I’m hoping someone here can help me.All of my new switches are in the Living Room.If I say "Alexa turn on Living Room lights." she will turn on ONE of the lights only. (The one called “lamp”). Now if I say "Alexa turn on living room" she will turn on ALL of them. I have to omit the word “lights” when controlling the lights. I find it natural to use the word “lights” and would like to be able to speak that syntax. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    Hello! We would advise contacting the Alexa support group for help with the syntax and language used. Using Device Groups in the Alexa app may help. You can create groups as simple as "Lights" or groups specific to a room, such as "Living Room Lights".

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