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Thread: Re-Installing Legacy HomeWorks or Integrating New Solution with Older Setup

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    Re-Installing Legacy HomeWorks or Integrating New Solution with Older Setup

    I am helping a friend try and figure out a way to manage his Lutron setup after the family computer the legacy software was installed on died. I was able to access the files from the old hard drive and the one log file i looked at references; || App Start Date/Time: - 2/2/2008,9:44:51AM || App Name: - HomeWorks Interactive || App Rev: - 5.34 || I'm not sure if there's any more information someone may need to help me out but I am willing to figure out exactly what was installed and what I will need or what's even possible to be able to get control of this lighting system. || Can I download that old software still, and if so, is there a way to integrate the new install with the existing Lutron environment within my friends home?

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    Thank you for your post xenkw0n.

    HomeWorks Interactive is an older HomeWorks system from about 20 years ago. The software is still available for download, but you would need to have Lutron Certified HomeWorks Dealer to assist with the software. You can find one in your area by using our where to buy tool found here at

    As for integrating that install with a new one, it may be possible with some parts. We do have an app note for that found here at This would also need the help of a Lutron Certified HomeWorks dealer. Hope this helps!

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