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    Tried to program a wall switch that has been set up for my garage lights.
    When I hold it in for the 10sec,it blinks but on the ap it says: already set up in the kitchen...

    Um, nope, I don't eat outside at the garage lights & this switch only turns on the garage lights..

    Now what lutron caseta gods?

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    It sounds like the garage lights may have been programmed and they were put into the kitchen in the app instead of the garage. An easy way to see if this is what is going on, is to go into the kitchen lights on your app and see if any of the lights control the garage lights instead of the lights in the kitchen. If you find the one that is controlling the garage lights you will tap on the device > Edit Device > Devices > Room > change the room to garage. If you cannot find these lights anywhere in the app, then you may need to reset the dimmer. Please see the below steps to reset the dimmer: 1. Tap the OFF button quickly 4 times. 2. On the 4th tap, press and hold the off button till the indicator lights start to scroll up and down. 3. Once you see the indicator lights scrolling up and down release the OFF button and tap it 4 times quickly again.The dimmer should now be dimming the lights up and down 3 times and leave the lights in the ON position to show that the dimmer was reset.

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    It sounds like the addresses got crossed. Delete the device from your system. Reset the physical device to factory defaults (triple tap, hold, triple tap).

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