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Thread: QS bus specification

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    QS bus specification

    Hi gents,Could you please confirm what are the maxim length per home run, the maximum number of PDU per home run, and the maximum length total on a QS bus, using the Lutron cable GRX-346S (0.75mm2)?On that spec p.19/23 it says 2000ft using the 4mm2 cable, but what about using the GRX-346S: On that spec p.12, it says 2000ft max total, and 1000ft – 15PDU max per home run, but it does not say using which cable: Kind regards, Don

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    Thank you for your post donafcna.

    The max about of PDUs per home run is 15. That 15 PDUs will be for any wire used on the QS link. Gauge of wire comes into account when we are dealing with Shades. For those lengths please see here Hope this helps!

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    Originally Posted by Homeworksuser I need to know the number of PDUs for the quick and custom writing of the HomeWorks QS 1-Link Processor SPEC (3691015)
    Hello, You can look at this pdf document: Hope you find it useful.

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