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Thread: Activating Ballasts - Database Error

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    Hi there,I'm having some issues with our Homeworks QS system. I work on an 80m+ Superyacht with QS installed throughout the vessel, the system itself is quite complicated but I have issues when replacing drivers for lighting loops with the error:'The number of activated ballasts in space and database is different' What is the workaround for this? I'm confident once I get past this phase I will be OK. I do not want to reverify every loop as we have 3 processors and around 10+ loops on board that these control. We get this error for every single processor so any unactivated ballasts cannot be activated. Many thanks in advance!

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    Thank you for your post ETO-2021.

    This could be due to wiring or the amount of loads within the loop itself. How many ballasts do you have on the loop?

    We would also suggest following our Ecosystem app note for HomeWorks QS found here at If you would need more troubleshooting help, please feel free to reach out to us @ 1.844.LUTRON1 or

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