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Thread: PD-5S-DV no longer working with garage lights

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    PD-5S-DV no longer working with garage lights

    I have a PD-5S-DV that had been working for some time on my garage lights but recently stopped working. The switch LED shows the off position, you try to turn it on, it "tries" (shows green for a second) then flashes red and is back to off. I suspect this is because it can't detect the load anymore. I have a LUT-MLC wired in the gang that I installed myself so I assumed that had come loose but when I pulled it apart it looked pretty good. I even re-did it and I'm still seeing the same result. Is it possible that a blown bulb can cause this. I thought that since the LUT-MLC was in parallel with the load that even bad bulbs wouldn't affect that but maybe I'm wrong? I'm trying to figure out where my issue is. Do I need new bulbs? Is it possible the LUT-MLC is no longer working as intended? The switch itself? My "wiring diagram" is the follow Wall Black -> Switch Black | Wall Black -> Switch Black and LUT-MLC | Wall White -> LUT-MLC | Wall Green (copper exposed) -> Switch Green(Switch blue unused)

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    If you cycle the FASS tab underneath the "OFF" button, does this then resolve the blinking pattern and clear the error on the switch? What is the total wattage of lights on the switch?

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