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Thread: Keypad LED Status

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    Keypad LED Status

    Is it possible to make a keypad button LED stay on without turning on a load? Trying to tell RTI system to turn On and Off music on a single button but without having to turn a light on or off for the LED status to be on or off.Thanks

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    Use a variable.For instance create a variable called 'music' with an on/off condition.If the button is a toggle.Change the button type to conditional.Define two actions: music on/music off and set the variable accordingly.Make sure LED feedback is Scene and set LED Based on to the music variable.If you are using discrete on/off button then you can simply set the variable on the press.-s

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    When LED logic "scene" is chosen under LED based on I do not have variable as as option? I only have actions and shared scenes.

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    You'll have to create a variable under Program > Variables to actually have a variable setting. A variable can be programmed to do a multitude of different things. For example the on/off function can be added and more customized for your liking.

    There is also additional conditional and variable programming videos on the LCI portal.

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