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Thread: Black Pico remote is so expensive!

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    Black Pico remote is so expensive!

    I’m discovering that white white pico remote cost $15 and a black one of the same cost between $40 and $50. This makes me angry.

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    The higher price is closer to the MSRP of that model. Since white is so popular the price is driven down. Because black is not as common that doesn’t happen. Capitalism.
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    Out of my 42 Devices on my Caseta System (Dimmers, Switches, Picos, Pedestals), the majority of them are Black Gloss (Dimmers / Switches / Pedestals) or Midnight (Picos). Which cost me considerably more than if I had just gone with GWH (Gloss White). Maybe close to $ 1000 - $ 1500 M O R E for my system. You would think that Black / Midnight would be next in popularity, because of the Multi-Media / Theatre Room Industry. Most of these rooms are dark interiors. I can't see Gloss White or Biscuit being the favored color choice for Devices or Controls. Hopefully in time the Gloss Black and Midnight will come down in price.

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    Whilst more expensive - at least you can get these in multiple colors with matching wall plates (the wall plates are also clearly a big revenue generator!).

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