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Thread: Delayed response

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    Delayed response

    Have been using a number of Caseta switches, dimmers, and lamp dimmers for several years with super reliable operation.

    I recently moved to a different apartment in the same building, and now have an intermittent 5-10 second delay (yes actually as much as 10 seconds which is longer than it sounds) in between commanding a light on/off through HomeKit or Alexa and seeing the light turn on/off. This was not previously an issue, particularly for HomeKit which has always been rock solid. In the old apartment, HomeKit was in fact so responsive that dimming while keeping a finger on the dimming slider on screen would result in the light dimming in real time at all times, as if I was standing at the dimmer itself using the physical buttons.

    Any ideas? I was thinking there might be more wireless interference in the new location in the building, but a) I thought Caseta was supposed to be unaffected by wifi interference and b) so far at least, the Lutron app seems to be unaffected by the delay issue. I would chalk it up to a wifi latency issue causing the phone to have trouble communicating with the bridge....but the Lutron app seems unaffected.

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    I should mention that I haven’t tested the Lutron app in every instance when there was a delay, so it’s been difficult to isolate the problem.

    I’ve also noticed a new issue wherein executing a scene will result in several lights responding immediately followed by a delayed response from another light - had never had that occur before and that seems to point to Caseta wireless connectivity issues vs a wifi issue I would think?

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    Hello! Thank you for posting about this on our forums. This sounds like there is something impacting the communication between the 3rd party clouds and the Lutron System. We would advise emailing to with a support file (Found in Help > Send Feedback) for further assistance.

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