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Thread: Reverse Phase VS Forward Phase Dimmers on HWQS

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    Reverse Phase VS Forward Phase Dimmers on HWQS

    Could somebody help me to understand wich dimmer model will do Forward Phase and wich ones will do reverse phase in HWQS, in the Homeworks Designer Software, i can select the type of Phase Control ( Forward, Reverse ) or the type of load (LED Reverse phase, LED Forward Phase), i do not know if these settings control the behavior of the dimmers, thanks in advanced!

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    Pretty much all of them are Forward phase whether it's the older 6D dimmers which did not work with LED lights or the CL dimmers which worked nice with LED lights but not certain forward phase loads like MLV. I think the CL dimmers are discontinued now. Pretty much your two choices now are the 6ND dimmers which require a neutral for all your forward phase needs or you can go with the Pro dimmers which can be either reverse or forward phase if you're not sure what you need. If I'm not mistaken, the Pro dimmers default to forward phase if you don't connect a neutral and reverse if you do. You can change it to forward in the software later if you have the neutral connected.

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