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Thread: use SFSQ-LF with older ceiling fan

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    use SFSQ-LF with older ceiling fan

    I would like to replace an older wall fan(3 speed)/light (On/Off) switch with a Lutron SFSQ-LF. My fan is a NuTone Scovill PFM52.The fan itself has 2 pull chains (1) for speed control(always on highest speed); (2) light on/off -again always on. Believe these are set this way so the wall switches will operate correctly.The wall switch is a NuTone Scovill PFSWL-52 -believe it has a transformer.The controls at the fan also appear to have a transformer, and some other module(capacitor?).Will the SFSQ-LF do the job on/off for the light and Off-Low-Med-High fan speeds?Any thoughts? need more information?

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    The Skylark SFSQ-LF fan and light control is tested/rated to work with standard pull chain fan and light combinations, which your fan seems to fit the bill. We would suggest to confirm that at the wallbox where the old wall switch is installed that there are two separate switch legs, one coming from the light portion and the other from the fan portion, as we will need these to use the SFSQ-LF. Also, please check to see if there was a module up in the canopy of the fan that worked with the old NuTune Scovill PFSWL-52 as it will need to be removed. Also please keep in mind that the SFSQ-LF is tested/rated to work with incandescent/halogen light loads. If you have any other questions you can reach Lutron Tech Support at (588-7661).

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    Can you be more specific about the 'module' in the canopy. Nothing but wire connections in the canopy, as far as I can tell. There does appear to be a transformer and capacitor in the light kit attachment pod below the fan blades. -Is this what you are saying needs to be removed?

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    In regards to looking for the canopy, we would recommend to look over the fan's installation guide to ge this clarified or to reach out to the manufacturer or the fan. While it sounds like that may potentially need to be removed, it would be best to have this confirmed by the manufacturer as removing it may potentially void the warranty on your fan.If you have any other questions our support team can be reached at (588-7661).

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