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Thread: iOS app to recreate client requested scenes

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    iOS app to recreate client requested scenes

    Hi QS programmers-
    I have a client requesting a mod to their existing Evening light setting. The request is to 'raise the lights 2 clicks' because they select the scene, find it too dim, then press Up 2 times to set the scene they want.
    I plan to visit the site to update the Evening scene, but I'd like to copy and then modify the new copied scene.
    I'd really like to make this quick and painless, and I think the simplest way would be:
    In QS, copy and paste Evening to create Evening Bright
    In QS, create a fake lighting keypad with a button using Evening Bright, with Raise and Lower buttons on this keypad.
    Upload the program.
    Using my iphone with lutron app- navigate to this fake lighting keypad, select Evening Bright (still at normal levels), press Raise 2 times, then edit the Evening Bright button.
    Nope, that won't work. I just figured that out while typing it.

    Is there any way to capture a scene light this? I'm pretty sure that the "raise" command will cause different zones to raise different percentages so I can't just raise all the lights in a scene X percent.
    The Evening scene has just about every zone in the space assigned to it, that's why I'm looking for a copy and paste solution.

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    Wouldnt it be nice if you could just have a Scene Saving button? No site visit required. Amazing they still havent added this feature.

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    A Scene Saving button would be cool.
    I did mess around with LHC+ app, and things were simpler than I thought they might be. I was prepared to just jot down all of the light levels as reported in the app when I adjusted the scene from a keypad raise button and then modify everything on my laptop.
    1- launch app and pick a keypad where the scene Evening was programmed (level editing was enabled).
    2- select the scene Evening from a physical keypad.
    3- select Edit on the LHC+ app and select the Evening button to edit. Navigate to the light zones as if you are going to adjust some of the lights.
    4- press the Raise button on the same physical keypad as step 2, which raised the light levels on the entire scene. The app will track the changes in the light levels.
    5- navigate back on the LHC+ app and select Save.
    6- go to your laptop and sync homeowner edits.

    It's not really vital that you navigate to the light level editing on LHC+ to watch the lights change, but it does let you confirm that you're doing it right.

    This was much faster than it sounds.

    I tried poking around with the Edit Live feature on HWQS and it wasn't even close to as simple as the LHC+ app.

    If I was going to do the whole thing remotely:
    You'd need your LHC+ app device and your laptop on the VPN.
    Follow steps above, but steps 2 and 4 would be done in Terminal mode on your laptop.

    If I was asked what could make the whole thing simpler: I would add a scene raise/lower function to the level editor page of the LHC+ app.

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