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Thread: Which Caseta switch to use with DC ceiling fan?

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    Which Caseta switch to use with DC ceiling fan?

    This is my very first post. I have searched the forum and cannot find any help with my problem. I need everyones help. I have just purchased a new ceiling fan which is DC. The whole room has Caseta switches already installed including a fan controller switch model # PD-FSQN-WH. My problem this newer fan has a warning that damage will happen if a speed control switch is use. Does anyone know which switch I can use with a DC fan that will not cause damage. I really would like to keep this new fan and integrate it into my smart switches.Thanks in advance.

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    Lutron does not have anything that will work. The fan manufacturer should have a list of compatible controls.
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    Just use a casteta switch. The fan should have a remote and most of them will retain the last setting - so if you switch it off with the caseta switch (while running) it should come on again at the same settings (usually including lights if your fans have them) next time you turn it on.All the fan speed controls and lighting dimming will be on the remote which should have come with it. Alan

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