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Thread: Custom names for switches

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    Custom names for switches

    I do not understand why the Lutron app does not allow me to specify the name I would like to apply to switches.The list of names in the Lutron app is woefully inadequate.For example, "couch light" is not in Lutron's microscopic list. The closest is "living room sconces." So, Lutron, if I have several living room sconces in addition to the couch light, what should I call them?I use Google home to control the switches.I am sure that if Lutron were to allow me to use names of my choosing, Google home could figure out which light I am referring to.

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    I don't have a Caseta system to outline the details but you can use custom names. I have used names like "Billy's Room" and "corner recess."
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    You can name the dimmers/switches whatever you want. To customize room names tap on the device you would like to edit. Select "Edit Device" from the pop up screen. Then tap on the room name and scroll down to the last option of "Other". Then scroll down to the last option and select "Add Room". Then create the room name desired.

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