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Thread: what is the "adjustment" control for?

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    Lightbulb what is the "adjustment" control for?

    TGCL-153p dimmer has an adjustment feature. I turned light on and went to both ends and did not see a difference.Also, the light i am dimming has non dimmable daylight bulbs. Dimming worked but didn't use the low range but overall it worked. And Yes I know I will likely burn the bulbs out early. I didnt like the day light bulbs and tried using an ECOSMART bright white dimmable bulb and two things happened. 1) dimming didnt work at all 2) the bright white bulb was yellow? i replaced the original day light non dimmable bulb and dimming worked again?I am puzzled - can anyone shed some light on this? (pun intended)Len

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    The TGCL-153P is tested/rated to work with dimmable LEDs. Depending on how that non dimmable LED was manufactured it's driver may have some dimming capability. We would recommend to work with an LED that is dimmable as long term keeping the non-dimmable LED in place with the dimmer may impact the long term functionality and lifespan of the dimmer. For LEDs that have been tested and found compatible with the TGCL-153P please use this link to our compatibility tool @ If you have any other questions please email or call (1-888-588-7661).

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