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Thread: Sequence Help

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    Sequence Help

    From what Lutron tech support told me, a sequence can only be activated with a button press. My scenario is I have heaters that I need turn off after a set amount of time. I have it working with a sequence on a keypad press perfectly. The problem is the client goes to the app and turns the heaters on with via the load, not the keypad. So the sequence does not work, heaters stay on until he turns them off. So my question is, can you start a sequence when the load turns on, not a keypad press? So instead of the sequence being triggered by a keypad press, it is triggered by a load turning on?Thanks in advance for your input

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    I dont see a way for you to latch onto the status of a load in QS. It would be nice to be able to act off of a load status. I mean if you had another control system you were talking to like Crestron this wouldnt be too hard- Since you can monitor the status of a load on that side you could see when it comes on, and then basically shut them off after your timeout period within that program, or you could even retrigger your Lutron sequence button by sending the press back over from the Crestron side which would press your Lutron sequence keypad press.

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